Today Fomet Spa counts on a factory in San Pietro di Morubio (VR), a nearing completion factory in Baradero (close to SantaFe') and representative offices in India and China.

The plant in Italy occupies an area of 100.000 which contains four buildings dedicated to production (manure processing, raw materials storage, unfinished and finished products); an office block; a public meeting hall, offices and laboratories. For its production of fertilizers the company collects approximately 300.000 t/year of manure (mainly fowl droppings with a residual quota of cattle and horse manure) and 90.000 t/year of other materials (e.g. iron sulphate, urea, sulphur, calcium carbonate etc., later incorporated into the processed mix).


Manure processing takes place in two closed industrial sheds with pumps to create a vacuum. Each shed has an area delimited by a tarpaulin for unloading fresh manure, isolated from the rest of the shed, and an area for unloading processed manure.

Manure is processed by a “continuous” system, as shown in the diagram above. The material is unloaded from the transport vehicles in the fresh manure unloading area, isolated from the rest of the industrial shed by means of a tarpaulin which can be raised and lowered: down during unloading and raised
only for turning operations. 
An operator uses a rubber coated blade to heap together the different loads received, mixing the material with that already in the loading area so that it becomes homogeneous and use of the space available is optimized. At the end of this treatment, after 130 days, the processed manure is subjected to a maturation-humification period of about 3-4 months, in order to make it adequate for batch formulation.


Fomet Spa is the only one of its businesses (since there was no process control of manure in Europe) that it uses a trademarked process, unique natural method and without using heat sources, named AFRODITE (Aerobic Fermententation and Revaluation of Organic matrix to Develop and Improve The Essence of soil).


This check is made by placing heat-sensitive strips at random inside the pile of material being processed. Datas are transmitted to the main server and recorded on paper and terminals.


The CE Reg. 1069/09, states that:
the concentration of E. Coli in samples taken at the end of the process shall have the following requisites: <10 every UFC/g (colony forming units per g of wet basis substance). The concentration of these micro organisms was assessed at three different steps in the process:
the concentration of E. Coli evolves from particularly high values in the fresh manure to values below the detection limit on material half-way through the process;
the concentration of Salmonella in samples taken during and at the end of storage shall have the following
requisites: absent in 25 g of wet basis substance,

In this case, the concentrations detected are within the regulation parameters.
After the correct maturation is observed, the product is subjected to sieving, eventual blending with other raw materials, pelleting, packaging.


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